Friday, November 21, 2014

River front in Spokane

We brought a friend up to spokane and got to explore  the riverfront park (and mall). I had never been so I was about as excited as Mason. 

We found this goat that sucks up trash (and leaves when you don't have trash). Mason loved it. He rode it and fed it and played on the rocks for a long time. It was super cute. 
Ryan took his hand and acted like it sucked his hand off and Mason freaked out. He was so scared to try it after that. It was funny but sad too ha ha. 
He also said it had motorcycle horns. Goofy boy. 
Mason loved all the ducks and of course wanted to swim even though it was freezing. 

Later we went and fed them and they were so close I was really nervous. 
Then we went to the big wagon slide. Mason was thrilled. It was fun. I've seen it from the road and always wanted to stop. 
Can you see us up there at the top!?
We also found these blocks. We took the picture for Opal. She loved these blocks when she lived here. We miss her!!

To warm up we went to the mall. Mason was a handful. At one point he said "put me down and don't follow me". Oh boy.  We found a toy store called WhizzKids and had a great time playing with the train set, millions of cars, dolls and stuffed animals. That store is really cool. 

Then we played with this donation penny race. So funny what amuses toddlers for so long. 

It was a fun day trip. Glad we were home so we could help out! We need to go back. There is still so much of that park we didn't see. Including the carousel which was closed for maintenance. 

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