Saturday, March 24, 2012

My little peanut

We went in for Mason's 2 month appointment a little early (7 weeks). He is 8 pounds 9 ounces (4th percentile). And 22 inches (5th percentile). He is very healthy and growing like he should. He's really strong and can hold thing in his hand hold up his head and track things with his eyes. He smiles and gets the hiccups multiple times a day. He still loves his hands by his face and loves to eat. He hasn't been the best at sleeping lately which is rough but he is super smiley in the morning. The dogs love to say good morning and check up on him every time he makes a sound. We love our little man.


Matthew & Charlene said...

Ahh what a cutie. He is getting so big.

Justin and Ashley said...

hello. your little alligator guy is super cute! he's growing up sooo fast.