Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mason's Blessing

While we were in Seattle for Spring Break we had Mason's Blessing. Babies are blessed in the Mormon church when they are babies. They wear white and are given a name and a blessing for their life. The blessings are given by a worthy priesthood holder. Learn more here. Since Mason is named after my dad he gave the blessing. Travis, Nayt and my grandpa were also in the circle. 
 My dad, Nayt, Travis and my Grandpa Ron
 Our cute family photo
 Mason's dad, grandpas and one great grandpa
 Mason and his Great Grandpa Ron
 Mason's grandparents (Travis' side)
 Mason's Grandparents (My side)
Mason's grandparents and great grandparents (my side)
 Uncle Chase, Auntie Clara and Aunt Chloe
 My family

Four Generations, my side

It was a great event and I felt so loved and blessed that so many friends and family members came. My Aunt Susan and Uncle Gary came. My Aunt Shari and Uncle Dale came. My cousins Geoff, Jess, Gordon, Catherine, Gaitlin and Grant were there. And our family friends the Roes too. 

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Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, in the picture with just the three of you Mason has the most adorable facial expression! You are such a cute family!