Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No work Productive Day

It worked out that I didn't have to work today since I am going in on Saturday.
I am happy to report I was super productive today. Just need to document:
First I got to sleep in and have a lazy time getting up with cuddle time with my pups and husband.
Then I drove Trav to school.
Then I got the oil changed in the car
Then I went to the dentist so they could fix my swollen gum (pregnancy related)
Then I went to library time with all my stay at home mom friends
After that I paid rent
Then took the dogs on a walk.
Came home and watched only ONE episode of Grey's Anatomy.
Went to the Jeep dealer got a new key for the Jeep
Then I went to Cartridge World and ordered new ink
Then went grocery shopping with a list
Then picked up Travis from school
I took him to the Eye Doctor to pick up his new Glasses and for his fitting
Then we went home and I watched him eat lunch because I had to fast.
I fasted for four hours then ate 25 jelly beans so I could pass my glucose test
I went to my glucose test (hopefully passed)
Took Travis back to football work
Then came home took the dogs out turned on the TV and relaxed.
Then I cleaned up the apartment,
changed the clock battery,
organized paperwork stacks from the office.
What a day! Many I love being productive!
Now its time for Modern Family!


Famous Picture said...

Nice Post

I Like it

Shari said...

Wait a minute! You got to eat 25 jelly beans for your glucose test? What the heck, no disgusting orange fizz drink crap? When did they get rid of the disgusting orange fizz drink?

Ashley said...

Sounds like a great day!!! I love those days when you get so much done!