Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Curse is Broken

Ok so I need to document this crazy curse now that it is finally over.

For the past EIGHT (8) years I have been sent to the hospital every 2 years and 1 month apart. Don't Believe me read on:

In 2001 I moved Lake Stevens. I tried out for the softball team. While I was pitching I got hit in the face with the ball and broke my nose. This was in SEPTEMBER

In 2003 I was 16 and had just broken up with my first boyfriend. I went on a date with a new guy named Steven for the first time. We went bowling, I got hit in the face with a bowling ball. Yes that really happened. I was "sneaking" up on him he didn't see me and BAM... 5 deep stitches 7 or so outside ones. This was in OCTOBER,

In 2005 I was dating Greg Hardy and he loved to ski. He taught me how and we had seasons passes. I was going down a hill, went off a jump, did a triple back flip... Ok the last 2 parts might not be true but I got knocked out and don't remember. Next thing I know I was being back-boarded and skied down the hill in a gurney sled. Broken Scaphoid (thank Kaci for the correct spelling) this itty bitty bone that connects your thumb, wrist and pointer fingers. It is the 2nd hardest bones to break besides your femur! Had to get a titanium screw in there. This was in NOVEMBER!!

Finally in 2007 I was getting married and was SO excited. Opal and I loaded up her car with all my wedding stuff and belongings we would need for the winter break. We were making progress through the mountains listening to kiss the girl off the disney soundtrack and we hit ice, hit the guard rail and totaled the car! We hitch hiked to Spokane and went to the hospital. I had a really sore back but checked out fine. Opal broke her hand. It was quite the night! I had to fly home to sign the wedding license and luckily Opal's sister lives in Spokane. This was in December!

January 2010 would have been my time for a hospital trip but it didn't happen. I held my breath every day praying and wishing I'd be okay. Now it is officially February and I can safely say the CURSE IS OVER!! Hooray!


Trish said...

what a sigh of relief! Thank goodness you made it!

Kaci said...

Scaphoid court, it's a scaphoid! haha, I only know this because I x-ray them all the time and aaron broke his when he was younger too! So glad the curse is broken!

Katie Casey said...

that's terrifying! :) Glad it's over.