Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was on a sewing roll today. Well actually all weekend! I just love when I have new material and new ideas!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon teaching Mindy how to quilt. We are making a "Man Blanket" for her husband. And let me tell you it is manly. Just the size will blow your mind 6 feet by 9 feet!! And this isn't for their bed, just for him to use. He picked out all the fabrics and we just smiled and said over and over "it's a man's blanket" We did get the boy's to come into Porter's!! It was a success!

I have been working hard on a quilt for my GOD-DAUGHTER. Mindy is having a baby girl (Madison) in May! I cannot wait. I have been making her a quilt that I designed myself! The letters are all applique and then I stitched around each letter! I finally finished the top! We are both teachers so I thought the ABC's were appropriate. This is for her crib bedding.

Then later this week I am going to a baby shower for someone I work with. She is having a boy. I recently bought a book called "One Yard Wonders" and I made all of this with one yard of fabric. Cheap fabric too! I thought the frogs we so cute and fun! I made a tag/tactile blanket, a bib, a pair of booties, 4 burp cloths and 4 "wee wee wigwams" (tutorial on Make it of Love it!) and then appliqued my favorite froggie on a onesie! Not bad for a yard of fabric!

And finally I am throwing a shower for Mindy and made these little diapers. On the inside it says
Don’t Be a
Party Pooper!!
Come to Mindy’s
Baby Shower
Saturday March 13th
University Courtyard Lounge
Mindy is having a baby girl!
Registered at Target

It was a great day. Travis watched 4 movies straight while I was just sewing my little heart out!! So fun!


Kreg and Anna said...

everything is super cute Court!! You do a great job! If only we lived closer we could sew together.

Samantha said...

Court you're out of control and I love it! It's official you are going to help me make matching quilts for my girls!

Scott and Becca said...

Look at all your fun sewing crafts! I LOVE the little diaper invites - such a cute idea! And all those froggy items with one yeard - AMAZING!

Ma Mere said...

Such a crafty one! We loved our gifts that came in the mail yesterday! Thanks for thinking of us! Love and miss you!


susie said...
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susie said...

You are so darn creative I tell you. I love all the things your sewing the blankets, frog stuff and diaper invites too cute. You are taking after your Mom's traits for sure, way to go Courtney!!

We have a blog page too, I'll send you an invite to it.

Thanks for sharing your blog and life with me.