Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Grove fire.

This is a day I will never forget. At about 3:30AM I heard and explosion. I stirred in bed only to hear my phone start ringing. I didn't answer but opened my eyes to see my room was completely lit up orange. I hopped out of bed to look outside. I couldn't believe my eyes. I turned to wake up Travis and said "it's on fire" he asked "what? What is on fire" " I turned back to the window and said "everything!!" It looked like the world was ending as the complex from across the street was completely engulfed in flames.  I realized why my friend Josie had called And called her back. We talked for a bit about what I could see. She lived further down and could only see fire at the top of the hill. We were completely safe but I couldn't believe the amount of heat and explosions going on so close to me. The plume of s oke was over a mile high. We sat and watched the destruction for over an hour. It was insane! Each building fell to the ground as the firefighters surrounded the area to keep it from spreading. In the dark it looked like the entire housing complex (8 buildings) were destroyed. We ended up being able to calm down and sleep for a coup,e more hours. In the day light we were surprised to see that only four buildings burned down. It could have been so much worse. Luckily no one lived in them yet however people were supposed to move in next month. There will probably be about 150+ needing to fin new homes. I am just so grateful we were safe and that the firefighters stopped it from spreading. The heat of the fires melted the siding off of neighboring apartment complexes! We sat out and watched it in shorts feeling like we were at a camp fire. Mason slept throughout the whole thing. When we we t to church today lots of people were talking about it. News stories have come out to say they suspect arson because there was no heat or electrical in the buildings yet. There were no injuries but all four building plus numerous cars that were onsite were completely destroyed. Here are the pictures I took.


Nikki Cherry said...

Thank goodness the flames didn't jump over to the apts next door... yikes, so scary.

The King Family said...

I stole some of these pictures... hope thats ok!

Rik no Orkut said...