Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little people farm

Back in January I wanted to get mason a farm for his birthday. I looked all over and basically I loved them all. Lucky me on eBay I found a lot of all the animals plus stable barn and farm house all in one. After a rough bidding war we won! We got the tracking number and it was set to arrive on January 22 perfect time of his bday. Well right after it was shipped I realized it was shipped to our old address. It had been a while since I had used eBay. But I quickly contacted the seller plus called our old apartment complex. They agreed to forward it. Then it arrived in rexburg and they sent it on. Well then it got stuck going back and forth between salt lake and Denver. It got to salt lake and they would see the return address and send it to Denver ( to go back to Indy) then it would get to Denver and see Pullman and they'd send it back to slc. Back and forth like 6 times. We tried calling but they said we'd just have to wait until someone forwarded it on in either direction. Then we got a message from the seller saying the post office called and they had the package. But when he went to get it it was gone. It was in California then Ohio and en finally rexburg again. Travis was able to call and catch the package in rexburg and convince them to repackage it and send it on directly to us. (They said it had a big hole in it and it was real beat up.) so then we got it in like 2 more days after paying 18 something for additional postage. Ridiculous!!!! But thankfully the seller had packaged all the small pieces in a bag so nothing was broken or lost!! And mason loves it and plays with it all day. So cute.

The other day he was putting the animals in a couple different rooms of the house and barn and stable. Then he picked up the dog, walked over to the crate and then dropped it in and shut the door and walked back over to play. It was so cute. He knows where the pups go! So smart

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miriam said...

I love little people animals. Sidney was given 20 of them for Christmas. So fun! If anything like that happens again, I can go to Rexburg and get it for you! I'm glad it finally got there though. What a pain!