Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Yesterday we went to the primary Easter egg hunt. Mason got one egg. By the time he reached down, picked up the egg and stood back up, all the rest of the eggs were gone. But he was pretty excited.
Later we met up with dad at the baseball game.
Then we went to sugar britches and bought mason a jungle theme lil people set. It's pretty cute.
Then we played at the park with the kings and our dogs
It was quite the day. We were exhausted from all the sunlight. But it was great!!
Sunday morning Travis was sickly so we went to sacrament and primary and then came home for naps. Mason puked all over his sweater vest and tie before pictures. Oh well.
His bunny photos were taken by digital powers photography when they came to sugar britches a couple of weeks ago. Too cute.

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