Thursday, November 1, 2012

Raggedy Anne and Andy

I was so excited to dress him up. My friend Ashley and I knew we wanted to dress them up together. We first though of pebbles and bam bam but then went with this instead. I made masons costume and only spent .25 cents! I didn't have the plaid shirt but got it at a quarter sale at sugar britches. I made everything else and also made paisley's costume too. I sewed the apron and bonnet without a pattern and cut the legs off of some Jammies to turn it into a dress. For both of the wigs I strung the red yarn through the hats so they would keep them on. I couldn't believe how adorable they looked. Like lil dolls.


Rachael said...

They are so cute!

The Asay's said...

Seriously so cute. Love!