Monday, November 5, 2012

9 months

Crazy that Mason has been out longer than he was in!!! Crazier still is that I found out I was pregnant over 18 months ago!! I love my lil man more than I thought possible. Our lives are completely changed.
Some new things he is doing now
Crawls everywhere and pulls to stand on everything including the dogs, couch, my legs, the wall everything.
Has limp legs when ever we hold his hands to walk. Immediately after we let go he crawls away super fast
He knows he's cute and shows off to anyone willing to watch.
Loves to feed himself. He tries just about anything. Jaimie feeds him healthy things like bran and black beans. At restaurants he wants whatever we eat. I hate sharing everything. He loves Cheerios and cereal too
Still loves the bath even puts his face in.
Still sleeps through the night. Usually 8-8.
Calls aunt Clara on FaceTime and tells her sad stories
Loves peek a boo more than any other baby I have ever seen
Also loves when Travis throws pillows at him to knock him down.

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The Asay's said...

He is seriously so cute Courtney. He was just a little, little baby like last week it seems.