Sunday, April 8, 2012

Growing out of NB

Mason's newborn clothes are finally getting tight. It's funny he's worn them so long because when he was born we only had like one NB outfit because we thought he'd be a big baby. Now at 10 weeks he is finally too big. I had to take pictures of him in some of my favorite outfits!
I love these Carter's long johns. I <3 Mommy.

Football Bum PJs with baby cleats

Puppy PJs

This was Travis' PJs and Blanket when he was a baby

Roaring like a Dino...I love little feet too

Sailboats. I love me some Nautical!

Now on to 0-3 months clothes!

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HKSMandiri Blog Kaskus said...

pertamaxx neh gan !!!

taro di pejwan ya !!