Sunday, April 29, 2012

April in a nutshell

I am back to work. Its going better than I thought. But I sure do miss my little man. I really enjoy my class. We are almost done for the year and we'll have a lighter class size for the summer and lots or field trips!
I also got a new calling in my ward at church. I'm the new 2nd counselor in the primary presidency. I am really excited about it!
Mason is adjusting well to babysitters and bottles during the day. We put him on a sleep schedule. It was a tough couple of nights but it worked out really well. We did the rule of three method. Basically you set a bed time and a bedtime routine. Then for three nights you let them cry it out for 30 min. If they self soothe at all you start the 30 min over. If they cry over 30 min. You go in reassure and start over. He did really well and I'm grateful it worked out so well for us.
Travis is almost done with the semester. I am so proud of him. He recently put on a madden tournament and made over 300 dollars to donate to ALS for Team Gleason.
Here are some recent pictures of our little guy

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