Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Card 2011

Mattoons in 2011
There were several highlights this year.
Some were exciting and some brought us fear.
The biggest one of all is we had to make room.
Because we are expecting! Baby Mason will be here soon.
Travis was thrilled that “it” was a boy.
We are sure he will bring us a lot of joy.
Courtney’s Brother left of his mission;
Montreal, Canada, we love him and miss him.
Bandit and Nala both turned one,
birthday parties for each were so much fun.
Travis worked for WSU football team,
working hard to fulfill his dream.
Travis was so busy with football and school,
Courtney was just crafty and a party planning fool.
Courtney is still teaching preschool every day.
She is always amused at what the kids say.
Travis’ new road bike got lots of miles.
A trip to Sun Lakes brought lots of smiles.
We camped and biked all Summer long,
we even brought family and friends along.
Our families both came to visit us and see WSU.
Each time was fast and busy, there was a lot to do.
What a great year we had
So much good it covered the bad,
We hope your holidays and new years are fun.
Love you and miss you, Happy holidays to everyone!

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