Sunday, December 4, 2011

Almost 32 week update

Mason is moving like a maniac. In the book I'm reading it says to lay on your back for an hour in the morning and night and count 10 movements in an hour. Mason is constantly moving 10 times in 5 minutes every hour all day long. He shakes my whole belly!
He can tell when I am starting to eat and will start moving like crazy. I told my doctor as soon as I start to chew he will move. He corrected me and said it takes at least 15-20 min for him to get nourishment and I assured him, just like Pavlov's dogs, Mason can hear me eat. We will have a hungry boy on our hands I am sure.
When I went to Seattle for Thanksgiving, I flew over on Friday night and Travis drove over after a couple more days of work. When we landed at SEA-TAC the landing wasn't very smooth. I felt Mason brace himself with all four limbs. It was such a strange/humorous feeling.
I get Braxton Hicks quite a bit. They are the strangest thing. My stomach gets so tight and hard it is unbelievable.
I am starting to sleep worse and worse. I can't get comfortable. I take a lot of baths and use a heat pad a lot for my back.
The dogs are getting really cuddly. Bandit loves to lay his head on my belly. Sometime Mason will kick at him and Bandit will whine. Nala licks my belly when it's bare and sticking out. They are getting a lot better at not jumping up and they smell all the new stuff we bring in.
I am getting so anxious to see how big he will be. Some people look at me and think I look huge (all belly but huge) others say I am so tiny. The doctor has no real idea because Mason stretched out for the first measurement then curled up for the next, changing the size of my uterus. Although his head is down so Dr. Adkins said that is the best for fast growing babies so they don't get stuck sideways.
The baby shower really made this feel even more real! We got a lot of stuff we really needed for him (and a bunch of super cute extras) We are working hard decluttering and making up the nursery. We can't wait to meet him in 2 months!
Last night I had a dream and he was here. He was so cute and small and he was wrapped in the quilt my mom made him. My dad loved him.