Sunday, May 8, 2011

What the HAY it's MAY?

I can't believe it is already May. I can't believe we've lived here for almost 10 months and that Trav is done with the school year! It is already the 5th month into 2011! Crazy sauce!

One time on my friend's blog she shared their "Roses, Buds, and Thorns," The "rose" was the good part of the day, "bud" was something you were looking forward to, and "thorn" is the not so great part of the day. I loved it, so....

"Our Roses"
Travis is done for the summer from school and can stay up late, play video games and take care of the dogs.
Preschool graduation is on Friday and I am really excited for it!
The puppies aren't crated all day now that trav can be home more!
Bandit loves running with me and can out run me every time.
Summer is right around the corner
Our Electric bill was only 24 dollars!!
I got 2 plants to keep alive... tomatoes and roses!
I babysat for a friend and smelt like a baby for the rest of the day!
Travis made me dinner and called me a mother of 3 (2 pups and him)
Bandit and Nala got a giant tennis ball that is too big to chew up but perfect to chase.
We had an AWESOME girls night while the boys had their man night! Two locations is key :)

"Our Buds"
Travis is going to help at his Grandparent ranch this summer to help out! He loves it out there and really loves his family.
I can't wait to have sunny weather and have a small summer preschool class.
We are going to Sun Lakes with my family for a mini vay-kay over Memorial day!
We should get instate tuition next year!!
I can't wait until I like running! and either can Bandit!
My best friend Jaimie's Bday is this month! and I'm giddy over her gift!

"Our Thorns"
It's still pretty chilly
Trav doesn't have to go to bed early or wake up early and I do!
Bandit and Nala chewed up both their leashes while unsupervised!

And here is some pictures of the pups just because I know you love them!

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The Winns said...

You're dogs are so cute! And yes - of course I still have that rock! It has made it through our million moves and always sits outside our front door but now that we have a community garden with the ward, I thought that would be the perfect place for it! As far as the tabs go, go to "posting" under the dashboard settings and there should be a button that says "add pages." I bought the template I have now so it had the pages set up on the top but I think you can still do pages with out the template. You might have to also add a gadget for "pages" or something like that. Hope that helps a little!