Sunday, May 15, 2011

Small world!

So I had this super fun super cute roommate named Marie when I was in Rexburg. I loved her and we had a blast together. Anyways she got married, I got married, she moved to Utah, I moved to WA. We still keep in touch through blogs and facebook and such. She has a cute dog that looks a lot like Nala and she has a super adorable baby too! (which I do not have ;))
Anyways she went on a little trip to Detroit and left from SLC. and guess who was on her plane? as in the seat right next to her actually!
Good old, Elder Christian Reid!!
Here is her story!
"On our first plane to Detroit a missionary leaving the MTC to go to his mission sat next to us.  I asked where he was from and he said Seattle.  (I wanted to ask of do you know this person and this person what are the odds he would know some one so I didn't.)  He is going to Canada, French speaking mission and we left it at that.  He slept most of the plane ride.  It wasn't until I saw his name tag when we were getting ready to land that I had to ask.  His name is Elder Reid.  I had to ask if he knew Courtney Reid, one of my old roommates back at BYU-Idaho.  So I leaned over and said, "I have to ask do by chance know a Courtney Reid Mattoon?"  He leaned back and smiled and said, "Yes I do."  Holy crap.  What are the odds!  Well Elder Reid is Courtney's little brother!  Small world.  So we talked about her and about Opal and it made me miss them so much!  I told him how I knew them and about how Courtney and I both have Boxer's that look very similar and just random tid bits.  It was so funny so when we got off the plane we had to take a picture.  Here we are in Detroit."

I was SO happy she shared this with me! I loved it! I love my brother and even though it's hard to have him away I know he is where God needs him.


theluckiest said...

Haha! This makes me smile!!!! I also told your brother that you would be jealous for meeting Link before you. Really what are the odds that he would be sitting next to us. Man it just confirms the small miracles God places in our lives. Glad to meet your brother and he will do well in Canada. Tell him HI. Miss you Courtney!!!

Christie Bryant said...

Craziness! What a cool story!