Saturday, August 7, 2010

Is it fair to lose 3 best friends in one day?

July 23rd 2010 will go down in Courtney history as a miserable day. One I never want to repeat. On this day I said good-bye to (almost) all of my best friends. It was a hard day. One that made me so grateful for friends but so sad to leave them at the same time. I loved Rexburg and it will definitely be a HUGE adjustment in Pullman but I am trying. I am pulling up my big girl panties and accepting change even though I struggle with it on a daily basis.
I took a few pictures with some of my friends. I wish I could have taken pictures with them all. It was funny because the last couple months in Rexburg have been my favorites. I got really close with my friends Kristen, Krystal and Christie... I know a mouthful to say all at the the same time. It confused my sister and mom every time I talked about one of them.

Christie is the craftiest person I know and I know ALOT of crafty people. She does amazing things with paper and even though I taught her to sew I am sure she will be better than me in no time. She is also the kindest person... in fact my sister asked me what was wrong with her because she is just too nice! She fed us and entertained us to know end. She is also an amazing mother to two great kids. Parker is so funny and Izebelle is just a doll! I am really going to miss hanging out with them for days on end.
Kristen is actually Christie's sister in law. We all met when I worked at TNT Satellite. She (and her hubby Seth) and also much too nice! They let us (and our barking pooch) stay with them when we were in Rexburg. She also has the cutest little baby boy Cooper. He is so cute and smiley even when he pukes on you in your nicest clothes! Kristen is a wonderful cook and an extremely patient wife! She really is a great person to be around.

Krystal is really funny and we get along really well. A little too well when we were supposed to be studding. Krystal and I were in the same major and BYU-I and basically had at least one class together every single semester. We were alway partners and always struggling and goofing off together! We studied for everything from stupid math test to the blasted praxis together. We also love the same TV shows which conveniently were on right in the middle of our study sessions. She is also a mom and a very good one at that! She is so active and crafty which inspires me. I am really going to miss watching our shows and freaking out together.

I know I will be good friends with these ladies for a long time. We will definitely stay in touch because we just care about each other too much. but it is still hard. But wish me luck on new adventures and new friends!

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