Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

The Mattoon’s in 2010
There were a lot of changes in 2010.
We were tried and tested again and again.
At the beginning of this past year,
we thought we were ready and had no fear.
Travis got accepted to WSU,
and we both had good jobs too.
Travis worked nights with school during the day,
to earn his AA it was the only way.
Courtney loved working and had lots of friends,
which made change much harder in the end.
With no work and Travis’ school all done,
it was time to road trip and have some fun.
We went on the road and traveled a bit,
and got our 1st baby Beagle Bandit.
We enjoyed time with family the entire summer,
but moving from Rexburg was a major bummer.
Before we left Courtney had one last thing to do:
Get over her fear of horses and ride a few.
Thanks to the Wolfe’s she did it, and loved it too.
Now we can’t wait to own one or two
We made it through, we don’t know how.
But Pullman is our new home for now.
Travis loves loves loves Washington State.
In his mind there is nothing to hate.
Courtney now teaches at the U of I,
loving her job and ward helps her days go by
Nala the boxer is now apart of our home.
She was a surprise we’re happy to own.
Now we are finally all settled in,
and amazed what a year it has been
We are thankful for the love
from our family and God above.
We wish you a wonderful year.
Stop in to see us if you are near.
Love the Mattoons:
Travis, Courtney, Bandit, and Nala
Keep up with us all year long

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