Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going to Zoo ZOo ZOO

I love the Zoo. Travis does not share that same love. But my FBF Opal does. So today we went to the Idaho Falls Zoo to celebrate her birthday. We had a great time. Here are some pictures from the day.
Warning LOTS of photos!

There was a baby zebra. He was so cute and came up and sat right down with his adorable mohawk and brown stripes

Opal and I with the Pink Flamingos

Two crazy monkeys! I loved the Monkeys. Clara wanted to take the little one home in her pocket. All the monkeys put on a show for us!

This wild dog came right to the window when I came up. He was so cute. I am the wild dog whisperer for the day!

This monkey was so cute.

We all were Hatched today.

Clara being Born

Opal and I are Twinners

We couldn't see the real tiger so we found this plastic one... It was burning hot because of the sun so a bit difficult to pose.

Opal and I in front of the Emus

Getting eaten by a tiger... classic

Petting the Donkey

Feeding the pelicans

Monkeys picking each other and eating bugs. adorable

"Kookaburra Sits in the Old gum tree. Merry merry king of the bushes he. laugh. kookaburra laugh. happy he must be." I sang but he didn't laugh. He posed wonderfully though.

Crawling like the Big Cats

Opal and I petting the Dirty Donkeys

Kissing Turtles, Where have you ever seen this before?

Hope you enjoyed the tour today. I just love the zoo. Lots of pictures are necessary!


Christie Bryant said...

Such great photos!
I love the egg photos, so cute!

prakash said...

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