Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Beagle

We got a baby beagle yesterday! He is just the sweetest. He came from a local breeder by my parents house but we purchased him from a local pet store. He is so adorable. We are thinking of naming him Cooper. He seems to respond well to it. He is 8 weeks and 7 pounds. We took him to the vet today for his first check up and he is healthy as can be. Everyone in the office just loved him. Here are some pics. He is quite the mover so it might be a while until I can catch him still if he is awake. His parents were both 20 pounds full grown. Beagles are great family dogs and cooper has been so friendly with everyone, dogs big and small and people young and old. I feel like a new mom this morning because last night was a bit of a rough night for all of us. He was whining and missed his momma. He is really picking up training well. He sits and waits and is working on fetch. He also went to the door and barked once after only a day of potty training!


Trish said...

aww. He is so cute!!

Krystal Keck said...

He is adorable! I want to come see him. We are going to the park today you should come with us! : ) I will call you!