Monday, September 7, 2009

East Idaho State Fair!

We decided to get out to the fair this year!! We didn't go on any of the rides but we walked through all the animals and saw horses, pigs, and rabbits. But not just any horses, pigs and rabbits but enormous versions of these animals. People wonder why i am terrified of horses. It should be pretty obvious when you see how absolutely gigantic they are. They could trample and kill anyone at will. I wanted to see some of the little boys in my class show their rabbits for 4-H but we missed it. It was a great time at the fair for some cheap entertainment. Clara and I supported the Tiger Troops (boy scouts of america) by purchasing some yummy elephant ears and travis went with a burger and fries and the rest of our elephant ears. It was a great little trip.

Yesterday was also a great day. Clara is now all moved in and adjusting to Rexburg. My mom left early sunday morning with my brother and we were sad to see them go. Thanks for everything!! We love you.

Also clara brought her camera and i found a couple more pictures from our seattle trip to share. Enjoy!


Samantha Mendez said...

Hey! I wish we would have been able to meet up! We live right next door to the fairgrounds!

Oh... and what are elephant ears? Do you mean tiger ears?

Paul, Brittney, and Avery said...

Hey- I still am planning on making a purse!!! Also, I was thinking about the Praxis today... do you have a study guide or book, is there such thing. I thought that I could use your knowledge of education advising since I have no idea what's going on!

somedaycrafts said...

I went to this fair a couple weeks ago when I was visiting my sister. Very fun and HUGE!!!

Annika said...

Dear Courtney and Travis

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